A Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her

Few things are as satisfying as finding something perfect when you’re looking for a gift. Something that the person will not only like but will find useful. Especially when that person is very special to you, be them a best friend or family member. Our curated collection may be filled with nice looking things, but these pieces are not just for show. They are meant to be used and lived in. These are items to assist them through challenges and help them live a lifestyle they value. Speaking of which, get her list of values together because this is a collection for the woman in the know; a woman that knows what is important to her. 

Thoughtful Clothing
Gifting clothes can come with it’s own difficulties, especially when your giftee is very particular with what they wear. To remedy this, we provided some garments and accessories that feature deliberate design that can be counted on to match one’s personality perfectly. Specific styles like dainty gold jewelry, a straw clutch bag, or a cotton slip dress are great to consider for gifts that they won’t be rushing to return. Remember that all the pieces curated here are ethically sourced and sustainably made, so be sure to mention this to your friend to score some extra gift-giving points.

Gifts For the Woman Who Wants Nothing
At GoodStuff we like to focus on mindful consumerism, meaning we don’t like to buy what we don’t need. Overconsumption is not good for the planet, and it’s not good for you. To that end, we present choices that are consumed mindfully, then disposed of with kindness to the planet. Scented gifts like cruelty-free candles or patchouli oil perfume, are made with safe, non-toxic materials and biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Or try a different type of self-care gift, like a chunky-knit weighted blanket. All are perfect choices for when you want to keep it thoughtful and useful. 

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