15 Sustainable Sofa Chairs & Armchairs

Get comfy and take a seat with our selection of sustainable sofa chairs all from quality materials and resources. If you are looking for furniture companies that are eco friendly, we’ve got quite the selection for you. Below you will find a curated collection of the best armchair and sofa chair options for your living spaces. 

Accent Chairs Made With Sustainable Materials

After a long day, we all deserve to rest comfortably. Perhaps you want to spend some me-time reading your favorite book or enjoying a cup of tea in a nice comfy couch chair. If that sounds good to you, why not take a look at some armchair options from the one and only, Originals company. Their pieces make a perfect set of eco friendly living room chairs for your home. With Originals, protecting our planet is very important. They only work with materials and suppliers that align with their sustainable goals.

Firstly, West Elm accent chairs are guaranteed to have you sitting on cloud nine. Their upholstered velvet accent chair is beautifully designed with FSC®-certified wood from responsibly managed forests. With this choice, you’ll feel comfort with an instant spark of glam. From different colors and fabrics to choose from, you can even customize this single sofa chair into a linen chair of your preference.

Exploring Fair Furniture 

For a contemporary interpretation of the modern club chair, ZZ Driggs has beautiful designs and collections to suit every sustainable home decor style. Additionally, they also offer convenient rental services with flexible payment methods. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more temporary, or wanting to try before you buy, table and chair rentals can be a great option to consider. ZZ Driggs ethically sources their sofa chairs and makes sure their eco- friendly pieces are in pristine condition. So, if you’re in the market for sofa chairs for living rooms, consider ZZ Driggs.

A Vintage Armchair For A Vintage-Inspired Home

Vintage is the future with sustainable furniture companies like Home Union and Abt Modern. These two skilled brands specialize in the restoration of vintage furniture and upholstery. For example, a vintage leather chair might be the perfect eco friendly armchair to your home. Plus, you’ll be reducing waste and excess production! 

From a simple grey armchair to a mid century modern desk chair, we’ve listed unique selections that will go great with your eco-friendly home. Furthermore, to elevate your lounge time, why not pair your chair with a sustainable blanket for a cozy touch? Or, to continue updating your living room, try a natural wood coffee table for inspiration.

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