Wood Cutting Boards for your Conscious Kitchen

Are you looking for wood cutting boards for your sustainable kitchen? You’re in luck. We’ve handpicked the best wooden chopping boards to ease your search. All created with durable materials and an added bonus of being pretty enough that you might even find yourself displaying them. Complete your kitchen with one of these eco friendly cutting boards, all low-impact choices and all made from natural wood.

Elevating Your Kitchen

An essential tool for any sustainable kitchen is easily a wooden cutting board. These attractive, modern pieces not only keep your cutlery in finer shape, they are also hand crafted from renewable resources and sustainable wood. A bamboo cutting board from Food 52 is the perfect tool to elevate your culinary practices. Plus, it makes food preparation fast and efficient. It’s durable enough for cooking and beautiful enough to serve appetizers and hor d’oeuvres.

Wooden chopping boards from Eaglecreek is another amazing choice. Their renowned large wood cutting boards are stunning and practical. It also derives from solid birch, one of the best wood for cutting boards since its durability will hold up for years of continuous chopping, dicing, and carving. As a bonus, it’s round shape and paddled handle makes it perfect for pizza prep too.

Eliminating Plastic by Choosing a Handmade Cutting Board

As we all know, manufacturing plastic-based products come with harsh consequences that are often long-term. It takes unnecessary materials, energy, and resources – not to mention the chemicals and toxic gasses that are produced as a consequence. Wood material contains antimicrobial compounds that kill bacteria and is able to bind water to stop the spread of bacteria, something plastic products simply cannot do. Instead of choosing a board made of plastic, why not choose a natural alternative such as a walnut cutting board. A cooking essential to help with all of your delicious ventures as well as decorative pieces for your kitchen.

Easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to choose. Elevate your culinary practices with our choices of thick wood cutting boards, curated for sustainability and ergonomically designed.

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