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Our Favorite Casual Pants for Women

With comfortability at the forefront of fashion, lightweight cotton fabric and linens have never been more convenient. We are huge fans of the wide leg fit for it’s combination of casual and chic. Here are our favorite casual pants for women, all sustainably sourced for all silhouettes.

Pants With a Bit More Flare
What’s new with Nu-In? With vegan fabrics alongside biodegradable materials, you can shop sustainably and affordably. Nu-In’s white wide leg pants will suit any day out and night in. These pants are great options for a breezy fit, or something simple, like cotton loungewear. 

Why We Love Cotton Wide Leg Pants
In any circumstance, these styles are practically effortless. And not to mention, super comfortable. With the right pair of shoes or boots, linen crop pants can also become your favorite go-to party pants. Who said a pair of pants are designated for one use and one use only? Definitely not us.

Tactful and Timeless Trousers
For something a little more structured and sleek, why not slip on a pair of tapered trousers? The Autark Label has mixed the classic pant with a safari twist, crafted from deadstock silk cotton. Partnered with a relaxed shirt, you’re ready to take on anything. It’s an easy combination. Black trousers are undeniably another essential wardrobe piece that pairs well with anything. It’s easy to style and timeless for whatever the world throws at you. 

Need a complimentary accessory to go with your outfit? Browse through our Sustainably Sourced Vegan Bags and Purses collection.

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