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Organic Kids Clothes: 10 Brands Little Ones Will Love!

The most meaningful part about living a healthy lifestyle is creating a better world for our little ones. We can start by choosing the best organic kids clothes that is safe for kids and for our environment too. After all, children are the eco warriors of the future and we are here to help you find sustainable kids clothes and kids brands to protect them on their little adventures. 

Choosing natural products holds so many great advantages, such as increased comfortability and hypoallergenic qualities. There are no chemical compounds found in organic cotton so your skin can feel clean and healthy. Toddler clothes that are produced organically are also much kinder to our planet and beneficial for our overall health. This is because organic processors avoid toxic processing aids and use less water. In turn, these measures significantly reduce environmental pollution. How great is that?

While you probably love dressing your kids up in the cutest outfits and the best kids clothes, it can sometimes be difficult to find eco conscious kids brands that align with your values and standards. Thankfully, we have vetted the best organic and sustainable kids clothing brands in the industry. So if you’re interested in exploring  kids play clothes, or ethically-crafted toys, we’ve got you covered! 

Why Choose Organic Clothing Brands?

During your child’s developmental stages, their skin is much more sensitive and porous. This means that their skin readily absorbs many of the substances they come in contact with, including harsh chemicals that can be present in children’s clothesFurthermore, that’s why it’s really important to opt for sustainable children’s clothing that is safe and non-toxic. 

Organic cotton clothing that is GOTS certified undergoes a rigid process to guarantee that the products are regulated and produced with no harmful chemicals. This clean material provides natural properties that help to protect your baby’s delicate skin. On the other hand, conventionally grown cotton requires greater energy to produce and is typically farmed in the presence of pesticides. Opting for organic cotton baby clothes from the top kids brands is the safest choice for your little one.

Many organic clothing brands also feature ethical kids clothing, meaning that they are committed to fair-wages and ethical working environments so you can have peace of mind when shopping. Although these garments can be a little pricier, organic kids clothes are far more durable and friendlier for our environment. Additionally, since organic cotton is much stronger, these garments also make the best kids play clothing. 

By choosing organic cotton kids clothes you are helping to promote social change while reducing our carbon footprint.

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton grown responsibly without the use of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or other toxic chemicals. Farming organically treats the water and soil far better than conventional practices due to cleaner principles. ​​It also creates a safer environment for the workers who are harvesting and growing cotton.

This approach to agriculture helps maintain land fertility and reduces harmful emissions into our eco-systems; possessing the long-term effect of keeping our Earth healthy and strong. Ultimately, organic cotton has far less environmental impact when it comes to climate change, making it not only eco-friendly, but people-friendly too! That’s why it’s the best choice when it comes to picking out toddler clothes and organic kids clothes.

Is Organic Cotton Better for Babies?

Absolutely. Since organic children’s clothes don't contain harmful substances, they provide a better and safer choice over synthetic or non-organic apparel. Our little ones are prone to more allergies and skin concerns, so using soft organic material will help protect them and keep them comfortable. Another benefit of organic cotton kids clothing is its unique ability to ventilate cool air in warmer climates while creating thermal insulation on colder days. This adaptive quality ensures that your kids remain comfortable no matter what the weather brings.

Additionally, another important benefit of natural and organic cotton is it's superior durability. When weaved into organic kids' clothes, it adds a longer lifetime to it’s cycle. Due to all of the unnatural additives and chemicals, conventional cotton usually begins to break down after just 10-20 washes. In comparison, organic cotton material can last for over 100 or more. You'll be helping to protect your little ones while dressing them in safe materials that are naturally crafted to last.

This article on sustainable kid’s clothing brands includes affiliate links. The brands we feature are chosen with care and carefully curated to ensure compliance with our sustainable and ethical standards. Cover image is courtesy of Mini Rodini.

Our 10 Favorite Organic Kids Clothing Brands

This friendly guide will help steer you towards the best kids clothing websites that support safe and sustainable initiatives. We’ve done all the research for you to make shopping easier and stress free!

Here are our 10 handpicked favorite ethical children’s clothing brands and kids clothing stores online you and your little ones will love.

Exclusive Cat Velour Set

Mini Rodini

Price Range: $3 (greeting card) - $260 (faux-fur coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Vegan, Recycled (varies by product)

To get you started, we’d like to introduce you to Mini Rodini, a sustainable kids clothing company that crafts organic kids clothes and toddler clothes. This company upholds a rigorous policy on what materials they incorporate into their products. They make sure their best toddler clothes are composed from a minimum of 80% sustainable materials that include organic, recycled, and non-toxic resources.

Mini Rodini has a dynamic range of eco-friendly clothing designed to have a lower impact on both nature and human health. Additionally, they've also implemented a Living Wage Program to ensure that their workers receive a fair and supportive salary.

Shop Mini Rodini

- Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!


Price Range: $8 (bow scrunchie) - $225 (adult coverall)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Vegan, Gives Back (varies by product)

In the spirit of playtime, Jackalo is an organic children's clothing company that makes kids summer clothes. Their products are some of the best organic kids clothes, always fairly made and designed to last twice as long as traditional garments.This family-run brand firmly believes in limiting the impact we have on Earth for our children.

Jackalo prioritizes energy-efficient factories and sustainable farming practices. They also have an amazing upcycling program that allows shoppers to return outgrown clothing so they can recycle them and reuse the materials. And they'll even give you 15% off your next purchase for being a conscious consumer!

Shop Jackalo

primary- Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!


Price Range: $8 (face mask) - $58 (puffer jacket)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Vegan, Recycled (varies by product)

Primary is an eccentric, affordable children clothing brand that is built to rewrite the rules of kid’s clothes. They specialize in eco-friendly apparel in almost every color and pattern for every kid. With super soft and sustainable fabrics, your little ones can express themselves in all sorts of imaginative and colorful designs.

For every product Primary offers, they highlight every sustainable feature and organic certification on each piece so shoppers can clearly know what they are paying for. Primary also features a super fun blog to help inspire parents with new ideas and fun activities to do with their kids.

Shop Primary

pact- Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!


Price Range: $15 (3-pack of socks) - $50 (2-pack pajamas)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Vegan, Gives Back, Recycled (varies by product)

If you're a conscious shopper, you'll be sure to love Pact! They take clothing personally and are passionate about crafting organic kids clothes without an upcharge. Their mission is to build Earth's favorite clothing company. With a line of fair-trade certified kids apparel, you’ll find plenty of minimalistic options for your little one from everyday t-shirts to cozy bedtime sleepwear.

Pact also chooses thoughtful packaging materials to ensure waste reduction. If you're ready to place an order, Pact even offers the option to offset the carbon footprint of your shipment, making every purchase with this brand a step towards an eco-friendlier world.

Shop Pact

nature baby- Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!

Nature Baby

Price Range: $9,95 (socks) - $165.95 (sleeping bag)
Values: Organic, Non-Toxic, Vegan (varies by product)

With great softness comes great responsibility. On a quest for natural and innovative products, Nature Baby makes organic kids clothes that are organic and earth-friendly. After the birth of their first child, the founders were inspired to create a line of safe and non-toxic apparel for their children.

Nature Baby wants to ensure a safe and chemical-free environment for little ones. To do so, they commit to organic cotton materials to bring you clean everyday essentials for your baby. Their products are soft on skin, and on the world!

Shop Nature Baby

rudy jude- Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!

Rudy Jude

Price Range: $38 (pointelle undergarment) - $140 (dress)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Vegan, Plastic-Free (varies by product)

Let's give a high-five to Rudy Jude! This Los Angeles based sustainable kids clothing brand creates 100% organic clothes sourced from sustainable mills. Each garment is dyed using plants and finished with non-toxic ingredients. Rudy Jude’s clean dying processes are natural and help keep harsh chemicals and heavy metals out of waterways.

We absolutely love their lightweight kids tanks and tees that are perfect to wear during playtime. If you’re looking for durable and ethical goods this is the brand for you, as their clothing is meant to get dirty, to be passed down, and to be loved.

Shop Rudy Jude

lovedbaby- Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!


Price Range: $8 (face mask) - $260 (mommy + me lounge set)
Values: Non-Toxic, Organic (varies by product)

Another awesome brand we adore is L'ovedbaby! This eco-friendly company designs organic cotton toddler clothes for all your newborn’s needs. They've launched an amazing Basics Collection with 100% organic cotton apparel. Their goal is to provide safe, minimally-processed organic kids clothes without dangerous chemicals. They care for the planet, our little eco warriors and for cotton farmers.

To ensure a safe working environment, they maintain hygienic conditions and guarantee fair living wages. L'ovedbaby's simple designs are made to wrap your little one in total style and comfort. You can rest assured that you are providing your baby with the best.

Shop L'ovedbaby

apple park - Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!

Apple Park

Price Range: $12 (head band) - $38 (pajama set)
Values: Organic (varies by product)

Apple Park is an organic brand that melts our hearts. Their products are not only safe for small ones, they are also great for the whole planet. With a mission to create eco-friendly toddler clothes, they focus on natural materials sourced from organic muslin cotton and non-toxic fabric dyes.

They have a wide selection of baby apparel for all types of occasions. Designed with cute patterns and soft material, you’ll find adorable organic onesies, coveralls, tops and much more!

Shop Apple Park

le petit organic - Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!

Le Petit Organic

Price Range: $7 (hair clip) - $159 (dress)
Values: Organic, Non-Toxic

Le Petit Organic is a New York based retailer that offers organic children’s clothes and eco-friendly apparel. After seeing a void in the marketplace for stylish organic children's clothing, Le Petit Organic was created to help solve that problem. Many of their organic pieces are handmade and available for newborns, toddlers and kids. Additionally, their organic kids clothes are always pesticide free and made with natural dyes that are safe for your child’s skin.

Shop Le Petit Organic

mori - Organic Kids Clothes 10 Sustainable & Ethical Brands Little Ones Will Love!


Price Range: $9.50 (baby mittens) - $805 (Supreme set)
Values: Organic

Last but certainly not least, we have Mori. This baby apparel company specializes in organic sleepwear to help bring comfort. Bedtime can be difficult, but with Mori’s cotton clothing, your little one will feel ready to snooze in sustainable softness.

Mori's fabrics and organic kids clothes are sourced from organic cotton and other natural sources like bamboo. This signature blend helps regulate temperature and eliminates moisture to ensure a good night's rest. Mori has also partnered with a local parent-run charity to help donate unwanted clothing to families in need.

Shop Mori

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