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Clean Perfume & Vegan Cologne For Men

Scents can leave a lasting impression. If you find yourself at an important event, whether it be a date night or a public gathering, the right cologne can set the evening’s tone. Smelling the part is just as important as dressing for the part. Here are our favorite picks of clean perfume and vegan cologne for men.

Non-Toxic & Natural Perfume For Men

Finding cologne for men can be a frustrating ordeal. We all have our own unique preferences, making it difficult to find the perfect cologne we are looking for. And because of our biology, each and every one of us is attracted to natural scents.

Before sending you off on your journey to find the right scent, we’ve carefully gathered non-toxic perfume for men that blend aromas with natural ingredients. That way, you won’t have to worry about harmful substances and chemicals. Each of these choices are mixed with chemical-free formulas to make you smell good and feel good. 

Men’s Cologne Brands: Vegan and Organic Options 

An honorable first mention goes to Alt., a reinventive fragrance company that brings you luxurious scents on a budget. Their colognes provide all the right notes for effortless sophistication. If you’re looking for a natural perfume that doesn’t lose potency throughout the day, try spritzing yourself with their Executive scent. All ALT. Fragrances are sustainable, cruelty free, and made using 100% clean ingredients.

Roses are red, violets are blue, DedCool has scents that could be right for you. Made in Los Angeles with organic extracts, this company concocts a wide range of fragrances from woodsy to floral musks. They feature dedicated collections that are sensual yet subtle. Any of their unisex perfumes can be an amazing choice for a long-lasting men’s fragrance that will have you standing out from the crowd.

Scents also have the ability to connect us with particular emotions or memories. Abbot draws inspiration from the towering forests of Sequoia National Park to make a natural fragrance. With alluring notes from smokey incense and cedarwood, their personal colognes will feel like a stroll in the woods. They only include vegan and non-toxic ingredients to prioritize Earth and the health of its people. Additionally, Abbot also donates and gives back a portion of their proceeds towards wild-life conservancies.

For all of our lovely ladies, we also have a guide to a curated selection of clean perfume that you can explore here.

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