7 Flatware Sets for Sustainable Living

Flatware sets are some of the most used items in the kitchen, so non-toxic flatware is the best option for every healthy home. Safe materials like stainless steel, silver, or even bamboo offer unique eco-friendly cutlery options for the conscious kitchen and ensure a safe product for you and the environment. Read on to discover […]

11 Amazing Zero-Waste Products For Your Kitchen

We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that this area of the household produces the most waste. How can we reduce that? By choosing zero-waste products over single-use items. We know it isn’t easy finding eco-friendly goods and we want to make the search as easy as possible. Here […]

7 Natural Cleaning Products for a Sustainable Home

Start with a clean slate. Natural cleaning products are a must for every home that values safety in cleanliness. Here, we’ve curated our favorite eco-friendly products that offer efficiency while forgoing toxins. All Purpose Cleaners With Natural Ingredients The all-purpose cleaner is your go-to for everything from spontaneous messes to scheduled deep cleans. Therefore, you […]

Non-Toxic Cookware For Healthy Cooking

Let’s Get Cookin’ With Non-Toxic Cookware! When preparing lunch or food prepping for the busy week ahead, we want to ensure you have the best cookware tools that are easy to use, safe, and most importantly, non-toxic. Here are some of our favorite conscious brands that offer sustainable cookware.  Ceramic Cookware Sets All cooks deserve […]

Recycled Glassware to Sip From

Glass making is a dazzling art, but it can also produce a surplus of waste. Fortunately, there are tons of sustainable alternatives to reduce and reuse resources. To help you find those best options, we’ve gathered amazing brands that offer recycled glassware. Our list also includes vintage glassware and other sustainable products as well. Recycled […]

11 Eco-Friendly Water Bottles to Reduce Plastic Use

These companies understand that many of our daily choices hinge on convenience. So, to make someone’s habits more sustainable, they’ll need to make it more convenient to do so. Choosing to buy disposable plastic water bottles is no different. We only do it because it’s easy. But now, it’s time to change. With an eco-friendly […]

Non Toxic Dinnerware For Your Artisanal Home

If you’re in need of new, non toxic dinnerware you’ve come to the right place. Inviting friends and loved ones over for a social gathering also means planning meals, and colorful dinnerware sets are the best way to start a great party. Elevate your dining experiences with our curated selections of eco friendly dinnerware that […]

Eco Friendly Cutting Boards for your Conscious Kitchen

Are you looking for an essential staple for your sustainable kitchen? We’ve handpicked the best eco-friendly cutting boards to ease your search. All created with durable materials and an added bonus of being pretty enough that you might even find yourself displaying them. Complete your kitchen with one of these additions, all low-impact choices and […]

Eco-Friendly Products to Sustain your Kitchen Pantry

The traditional kitchen produces most of the waste within our households. Single-use plastic, food waste, and general refuse always seems to accumulate into a disorganized kitchen setting. But never fear! There is a way to move past these habits and all it takes are some mindful decisions on what items to transition into using. With […]

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