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Discover the Best Sustainable Home Goods of 2021

To Help Guide Your Sustainable Shopping

The products collected here are but the tip of the figurative iceberg that is sustainable industry. They are meant to introduce you to the best products available right now and to inspire you to keep discovering. There are so many amazing innovations in clothing, beauty, and home goods to find. Consider this your orientation to the world of GoodStuff.

Slow Living

Depending on where you are, slow living can have different meanings, but there is always a similar mindset to follow. Slow living means taking the time to find sustainable alternatives that will support your home. It means understanding the ethical values of responsibility, and using these ideas to mindfully nurture an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

As a marketplace for eco-friendly products, we focus on multiple values that support a healthier earth, each in their own individual way. Find vegan nail polish with biodegradable packaging. Pair loose-leaf chamomile tea with a handmade ceramic mug for low-waste living. Or, to discover natural fibers, check out organic cotton underwear or a geometric area rug made with hand-dyed yarn. When choosing essentials for your own mindful living space, focus on what is most important to you. Consider it a lesson in mindful consumption. Only buy what you need and love, as overconsuming isn’t good for the earth or for you. Now, this makes sense for home goods, but what about products that get used up or worn out, like cosmetics or clothing? Here is where biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable materials come in. All the items we feature for you are vetted for these standards, so you can move onto discovering your new sustainable favorites.

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