The 9 Best Shampoo for Kids: Natural and Organic Picks

Safe ingredients, non-toxic recipes, and effective formulas. Sound good? Read on for our picks of the best kids bath products that reach these standards and more. 

Organic Shampoo for Kids

Organic certifications are one of the highest standards for botanicals and many other natural ingredients. However, organic doesn’t always mean safe or effective. After all, many chemicals and toxins are still organic compounds. That’s why we’ve curated our own top picks for organic shampoo that are created with your child in mind. To these brands, organic means a high standard of safe and gentle ingredients. Vivaiodays features organic aloe juice and chamomile in a tear-free formula. It’s use of organic soapwort extract allows it to remain well-foaming, giving your child a fun cleansing experience. Odylique provides another formula rich in organic aloe juice added to soothing calendula extract and housed in a recycled and recyclable bottle. Hello Bello Shampoo offers a hypoallergenic formula with nourishing marshmallow root and organic jojoba extracts. Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Shampoo is hypoallergenic as well; made with oat proteins and shea and cocoa butters to ensure a gentle cleansing and effective moisturizing. 

Weleda’s Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash uses the gentle cleansing properties of calendula oil to provide kids with a formula that’s effective and chemical-free. Alaffia Shampoo focuses on ethically sourcing ingredients for a fun coconut and strawberry scented wash. 

Shampoo Bars for Kids

Shampoo bars offer a zero-waste approach to kids’ bath products. These bars average the amount of three standard bottles of shampoo, allowing you to drastically cut down on plastic and packaging waste. Ethique’s shampoo bar offers a vegan formula with oats and lavender to nourish hair and calm little ones. 

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