Best of Skincare for this Spring

March 11, 2021 10:59 am

I often find myself thrown down a vast rabbit hole as I search the internet for the best natural
skincare products. The amount of information available today is nothing short of overwhelming.

I start by searching for an organic oil cleanser and an hour later, I’m watching a Youtube video
of a girl telling the story of how the synthetic fragrance in her foam cleanser ruined her love life.
I’m left confused and weary. This fatigue coupled with the ever-changing beauty trends of today,
aren’t good for anyone’s complexion. One week you’re being told to slather coconut oil on your
face and the next, snail sludge has become the best moisturizer for your skin.

As clean and organic skincare has become more available, the array of products to
choose from are easy to get lost in. I am certain that what I have spent on clean skin serums
alone would rival the bill of a Kardashian child’s birthday party. What’s a conscious shopper to
do? As my skin reluctantly approaches its thirties, I do know one thing to be true in the realms of
beauty; less is more.

A few powerful, non-toxic and natural ingredients can go a long way.

Essential oils pack a powerful punch in many natural skincare products. Blue Tansy Oil
has calming effects, making it a great option for those experiencing hormonal acne,
breakouts, or fragile skin post peel. For soothing and anti-bacterial hydration, try the
Seriously Soothing Serum Stick by Acure.

Camellia Oil is moisturizing and helps give skin a radiant boost. For those wanting to get their
glow on, try 8 Faces Bountiful Solid Oil or Herbivore’s Orchid Facial Oil. Both use Camellia
Oil as a lightweight moisturizing agent.

Many of the best skincare ingredients you can look for are derived from the earth. Clay and
algae are both forerunners of the clean skincare movement. Not only is it a gorgeous bathroom
counter addition, Among The Flowers Cleansing Mud uses rhassoul clay to help lift away
impurities. The coveted Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence uses marine microalgae,
while OSEA’s Sea Mineral spray helps even out texture and refreshes the skin with brown algae.

Let’s not forget about all the beauty below the neck. Exfoliation helps the skin absorb all the
yummy ingredients slathered on it and can even improve circulation. South African brand
African Botanics uses raw cane sugar and Kalahari desert salt in their Detoxifying Body Scrub
to help slough off dead skin. For a body polish with a touch of pink, try cult favorite Herbivore’s
Coco Rose Body Polish. Ingredients like Moroccan rose add a feminine touch to the all-over

If craving a sultry evening of leg shaving after exfoliation, F. Miller’s Shave Oil preps the skin for
a close shave. A symphony of oils like jojoba, calendula and sandalwood coat the skin with
moisture and help to heal irritated skin. Say good-bye to trails of razor bumps and hello to
irresistibly soft legs.

Thankfully, good skincare products are easier to find than a second date. With a multitude of
products available, it’s important to pay attention to the roster of ingredients on products and find what works for you.

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