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9 Sustainable Sofas & Couches That Are Ethically Sourced

It’s already overwhelming enough to choose the right couch for your living room. It’s even harder to find one that is environmentally friendly. To relieve some of your shopping stress, here is our handpicked list of sustainable sofas and non-toxic couches to sit back and relax in.

Non Toxic Sofas That Support Responsible Forestry

The furniture industry can be incredibly toxic and known to use harmful chemicals during their production processes. On top of that, their methods of harvesting can be damaging to our forests and other natural resources. Nevertheless, It’s important to look for sofas that avoid the inclusion of flame retardants and finishing treatments, as these are known to cause damage to our health. 

One company that meets our criteria is Medley. They build sectional sofas made from the safest available materials to help you make a healthy home for a healthy planet. Their wood is sourced from FSC certified domestic forests and they use zero VOCs. A non-toxic modern sofa does exist and Medley has plenty of options, designs and fabrics to choose from!

A Big Comfy Sustainable Couch

Imagine yourself, unwinding and relaxing on a large sectional couch. You have your favorite book in one hand, and a warm cup of tea in the other. How can we make this dream into a reality? With the help of ABC Home!

With each object they craft, ABC Home strives to tread lightly on our planet by sourcing responsibly. They use reclaimed materials and wood to craft furniture that helps reduce our environmental footprint. In doing so, this company merges mid-century designs with expert craftsmanship to create a minimalist couch that goes with any living space. From production to impact, ABC Home commites to safe and ethical manufacturing.

Burrow expects the unexpected and creates couches that are durable enough for everyday drama. Their fabrics are scratch-resistant and weaved tightly with upcycled materials. Along with zero chemical additives and toxic free treatments, their non toxic couches are also stain-resistant so you don’t have to sweat the spills.

For more sustainable seating and charming furniture, explore our collection of eco-friendly sofa chairs and more!

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