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8 Sustainable Winter Hats & Beanies for Cold Weather

If you’re looking for ways to be fashionable and warm for the colder seasons ahead, cozy sustainable winter hats can get that job done. Winter accessories can really elevate your outfits to new levels. This curated collection features soft and comfy beanies all made with ethical fabrics from affordable sustainable clothing brands. Who said bundling up couldn’t be chic? 

Warm Headwear That’ll Keep You Snug

We’re always inspired to opt for products derived from recycled materials. It’s an innovative way to create something entirely new from pre-existing resources. One company that is all about reusing and recycling is Outerknown. Their beanie hat is spun from recycled cashmere for comfort and maximum softness. By using consumer textile waste, Outerknown is able to make great knits while also saving natural resources. 

The Common Good Company is another sustainable brand that also includes recycled materials to make the perfect winter hat. Within their products, they use recycled water bottles to eliminate land use and pollution from yarn production. Coming in a bold red, this beanie can add some real heat to your winter outfits.  It will help you stay nice warm during those colder seasons.

Recycled Cotton & Upcycled Yarn

To bet against fast fashion, Encircled makes pieces to last forever. Additionally, this Canadian-based company sources materials locally and ethically to ensure that their manufacturing processes are fair and safe. Encircled’s cotton beanie is derived from upcycled yarn that sports a chunky-styled knit. Keeping cozy has never been this sustainable!

For all our minimalistic shoppers out there, we’ve also made sure to add headwear with neutral and muted tones. Kowtow makes eco-friendly beanies for men and women made from fairtrade materials without any harmful chemicals. Their organic textiles require 91% less water to grow than conventional cotton, making all of their garments super earth-friendly and traceable too. 

Need more warmth and comfort? Make sure to take a look at our collection of sustainable blankets from more affordable sustainable clothing brands. These handmade knits will keep you happily cozy!

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