7 Hand Picked Essential Oil Diffusers

There are plenty of methods to scent your sustainable home and our favorite way is by using essential oil diffusers. While de-stressing, why not add a calming fragrance to your living space? Unwind and relax with a hand-picked scent diffuser.

Practicing Self Care With A Calming Scented Oil Diffuser

Essential oils possess natural properties that can help reduce anxiety and uplift our moods. Also, they cleanse the air and create a peaceful environment you’ll find bliss in. These aroma lamps come in a variety of shapes and forms to compliment your home decor Below we’ve listed the best essential oil diffuser options out there.

Vörda offers a uniquely handcrafted wood diffuser that doesn’t require cords, plugs or electricity. This natural tool absorbs essential oils and disperses your favorite scents to create an ambiance of serenity. Consequently, it also doubles as a beautiful piece of sustainable home decor!

Some of the best diffuser selections are simply minimal. With just a candlelight, you can transform your room into a therapeutic spa with Grove’s oil burner and home diffuser made from sustainable bamboo and durable ceramic. It comes in a stunning set with an essential oil of your preference.

Stress Relief Gifts

Nebulizing essential oil diffusers by Aromatech can be the perfect gift for a friend who’s looking for stress relief. This sleek essential oil nebulizer is equipped with powerful technology that breaks down fragrance particles into a very fine mist. In short, this room scent diffuser gets the job done With its diluting powers, it suspends oils into the air to reduce dust and other airborne allergens. Also, Aromatech uses recycled materials to create the piece.

So you’ve found the best essential oil diffuser. You’re on a roll! Check out our curations of eco-friendly sofa chairs and natural coffee tables to complete your living room.

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