6 Kids Raincoats For Stormy Days

Getting wet is fun, but what about the days when we want our kids to be able to watch the storm without getting soaked? A kids raincoat is a must-have for these occasions. We’ve chosen our top picks made from durable, sustainable fabrics that also offer versatility for little ones. You’ll find fun prints to nourish imaginations, classic neutrals, and bold colors suitable for every individual’s style.

A Cute Classic: The Kids’ Yellow Raincoat

On children, the yellow raincoat is a distinctive piece for its classic and adorable look. Its timeless spirit is suitable both as a boy’s raincoat and girl’s rain jacket. To showcase the style, we’ve chosen Mini Rodini’s Kids Windbreaker, which features ethically sourced, recycled fabrics. It offers cool, British styling for your little one’s wardrobe.

Raincoats Made From Recycled Materials

Many kids windbreakers ensure a waterproof finish with recycled fabric. This also makes them more sustainable as it creates a circular-loop process that diverts plastic from the environment. Consequently, ocean-bound plastic can get a second life as a useful piece of clothing. Boden’s Kid’s Waterproof Parka features recycled filling to create a cozy padding that’s complete with a fun print to support your little one’s imagination. Primary offers a similar, slightly padded jacket made entirely of recycled ripstop polyester. Far from being only a boy’s rain jacket, all children can enjoy Primary’s gender-neutral offerings. Their lightweight jacket in particular, shines as a bright, stylish, and comfy design that’s 100% kid-oriented.

Faire Child’s innovative kids rain jacket is a byproduct of their “Endlessly Reusable” ethos and production model. Yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles forms the base for their high-performance fabric and raincoats. Faire Child also offers a program for customers to send back any unwearable garments for recycling.

Looking for something without plastic though? Check for our Plastic-Free tag on clothing items. Consider The Simple Folk’s kids windbreaker, which uses a natural wax to water-proof the organic cotton material.

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