24 Natural Lip Colors for Eco-Friendly Elegance

An essential step in any clean beauty routine is natural lip color. Whether you like just a swipe of tinted lip balm or a full-on lined and lipsticked pout, you’re going to need the best product to fit your requirements. It’s easy to fall into the trap of popping down to the drugstore and picking up something you like the color of. But we think natural lipstick needs a little more consideration than taking home what first caught your eye in the makeup aisle. We like to look a little closer – alright a lot closer – and regard the packaging, the ingredients, and company ethos.

Sound a little tedious? Don’t worry, we’ve already done the research into sustainable alternatives for you. Choose your new favorite natural lip gloss or find the perfect nude with the knowledge that the products curated here meet strict standards for sustainability.

Zero-Waste Packaging

We love low- and zero-waste beauty products. The idea of designing something to not end up in a landfill is a powerful one. Especially for an industry that makes up a significant amount of household waste. That’s why it’s important to consider the packaging of your makeup before you make a purchasing decision. At the very least, your natural lipstick packaging should be recyclable, but we don’t think it should stop there. Many beauty brands, like Zao Organic for example, feel the same way and are featuring refillable makeup with biodegradable packaging such as bamboo.

Natural Ingredients 

The natural world provides the best ingredients with which to base skincare and makeup products. Moisturizing oil and butters, fresh scents, vegan color; each is already present within nature and able to be harvested if we do it with care and conscience. Instead of artificial colors and fragrances, the brands we’ve curated focus on sustainable ingredients to make their products the best. Discover the best organic lipsticks below.

Multi-Tasking Natural Lip Colors

Lip and cheek tints and multi-use color sticks are amazing for lots of reasons. First, it’s easy to create a pulled-together look when you use the same hue to tint your lips, cheeks, and even – if you’re feeling like a serious pop of color – eyelids. Second, instead of three different products, it significantly cuts down on packaging waste to purchase one multitasking product. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested in simplifying your routine while still keeping that polished look that natural lip gloss provides.

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