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30 Sustainable Clothing Brands Taking a Stand for Our Planet

Sustainable clothing brands want to change the reality of the fashion industry.

In a rapidly globalizing society, we start to feel the interconnectedness of all cultures and people more sharply than before. And, when everything is connected more closely, options open up both for producer and consumer. Through history this has shown to be a blessing and a curse, with the normalization of fast fashion being one example. While cheap clothing has democratized fashion in the way that more people are able to access trendy garments at extremely low prices, its environmental impact creates amounts of pollution and environmental waste that, though they seem unbelievable, are, unfortunately, quite real. Not to mention the normalization of sweatshops that has become inherent within the fashion industry. One person’s utopia is another’s dystopia.

With our world of climate and environmental anxiety, we need to feel like we’re making a difference, and shopping consciously is a way to do just that. When we support brands that value sustainability and morality, every purchase has the potential to bring about a better world and support another person fairly. The importance of this seemingly simple mindset shift can be difficult to realize completely, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is powerful.

To that end, we’ve listed some of our favorite sustainable brands that are taking tangible steps to bring about a more eco-friendly clothing industry. Additionally, each one’s mission upholds environmental and corporate responsibility to prove that a conscious clothing brand can both exist and thrive as an industry leader.

If you’re just starting to make your way towards a completely eco-friendly closet, try our collection of vegan sneakers or sustainable loungewear for some inspiration. Looking for accessories? Check our collection of ethical jewelry brands or our collection of vegan bags to find the perfect fit. There are so many possibilities for your wardrobe and lifestyle, and we’re happy to be able to help you navigate every aspect.

The Benefits of Shopping with Sustainable Clothing Brands

When you choose to shop with sustainable clothing brands, you’re also supporting amazing initiatives. Ethical clothing brands like Coyuchi, Patagonia, and RicherPoorer are all members of the 1% for the Planet organization. The intent of this group is to help protect our planet by providing 1% of brand sales back into the environment. This movement has already certified more than $250 million dollars in support of environmental non-profits. Partnerships like these help preserve natural resources and keep our ecosystems safe and healthy too. By opting for ethically made clothing, you can shop more consciously and know you are helping a greater cause. 

Ethical Clothing Brands Are More Conscious About Our Planet

Unfortunately, there is not much regulation between manufacturers and overseas factories. Although sourcing overseas can be cost-effective, it comes with a lot of negative environmental impacts. Traditional clothing brands partner with unethical labor sources and use synthetic fabrics that are harmful to our planet. On the other hand, sustainable clothing companies help reduce water pollution, waste, and carbon emissions. This is possible by choosing organic fabrics that support healthy farming. Organic textiles do not contain any harmful pesticides, which helps keep the environment clean and provides safer working conditions for farmers.

Shopping sustainably also saves you money in the long run. Higher quality garments have a much longer life cycle than other products. Sustainable clothing can last several years as opposed to cheaper alternatives. That way, you can buy less and save more.

Additionally, ethical clothing brands are also dedicated to making sure that their garments come from humane factories in support of fair trade. This allows brands and consumers to know exactly how their products are being made and who it is coming from. With this information, we can then make better choices and invest in companies that source safely.

What is Fair Trade & Fair Trade Clothing

You might be wondering, what exactly is fair trade? That is a very important question. Fair trade is a system that provides farmers and workers with equal opportunities, safe working environments, and beneficial living wages. This global organization helps connect workers and farmers with the people who invest in their products. All while protecting their wellbeing. Sustainable clothing brands that support these products help change lives by transferring wealth back to workers. In turn, this helps developing countries with better income and better work.

All in all, shopping with sustainable clothing brands supports fair labor practices, protects the planet, and reduces our environmental footprint. It’s never been easier to shop consciously and help local communities while doing so. To help you find the best sustainable clothing brands, we’ve listed 30 of our favorite picks. All of our vetted choices are carefully researched so you can shop with ease.

reformation- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price Range: $38 (tee shirt) - $598 (wedding dress)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Non-toxic, Recycled, Vegan (varies by product)

Reformation has risen to prominence as one of the most well-known and popular ethical clothing companies in the world. With a mission to make responsible fashion accessible to all, they place a focus on people and innovation through every step of their process.

Reformation advocates accountability and transparency as well, making sure that their clothes are traceable, and all company progress is made public through quarterly sustainability reports. Their collection drops are frequent but small, making them a perfect alternative to cheap fashion’s ultra-fast supply chain. We love their chic and figure-celebrating dresses, which come in mini- to floor- length and feature linen and deadstock fabrics.

Shop Reformation

boden - 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $22 (3-pack socks) - $498 (wool coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Non-Toxic, Recycled, Vegan (varies by product)

Founded on the ideas of originality and attention to detail, Boden is an eco-friendly clothing brand built with British influence and bold color. To Boden, sustainability is both a means and an end to creating good clothes. By focusing on reducing their environmental impact with durable design, sustainable fabric sourcing, and transparent supply chains, Boden remains one of the best options for affordable ethical clothing as well as one of the best sustainable men’s clothing brands. We love their colorful patterns, knitwear, and lovely range of ethical kid’s clothing.

Shop Boden

richer poorer- 15 Ethical clothing brands

Richer Poorer

Price: $12 (socks) - $178 (bomber jacket)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Non-Toxic, Organic, Vegan (varies by product)

Richer Poorer creates ultra-wearable basics made with low-impact fabrics. By focusing on a higher-quality standard and ethically-made clothing, Richer Poorer reduces the impact of each garment’s life cycle. They are also a member of 1% For the Planet, donating 1% of all profits to action-based environmental causes. We love their sweatshirts and sweatpants made from recycled textiles along with their tees, where their attention-to-detail shows up in the subtle styling of the pieces.

Shop Richer Poorer

everlane- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $18 (tote) - $248 (puffer jacket)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Gives Back, Organic, Recycled, Vegan (varies by product)

Everlane's minimalist style and environmental initiatives have made their ethical online clothing store an icon within the industry. They hold commitments to fair factories, and work on finding the most eco-friendly option for each material they use, from organic cotton to responsibly-sourced cashmere to recycled plastic in packaging. We love their ethical men’s clothing, elevated-essential tees, and their stylish range of denim for all genders.

Shop Everlane

mate- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $15 (tote) - $188 (jumpsuit)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Non-Toxic, Organic, Vegan (varies by product)

From working with designers to prioritize thoughtful design, to sourcing eco-friendly materials, to localizing their factories, Mate focuses on relationships through every step of production; and is a conscious clothing brand leader because of it. Mate is also a member of 1% For the Planet and certified by Climate Neutral. We love their cozy loungewear sets, ethical yoga clothing, and sleepwear.

Shop Mate

girlfriend- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $7 (scrunchie) - $168 (puffer jacket)
Values: Recycled, Ethically Sourced, Non-Toxic, Vegan (varies by product)

Girlfriend’s ethical workout clothes are well known for their minimalistic, innovative designs created with a soft yarn made of recycled plastic. All garments are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that they meet the strictest regulations for textile transparency. Recently, Girlfriend introduced their ReGirlfriend program, where you can return a used item to be recycled into a new garment. This effectively closes the garment’s life cycle loop and keeps it out of landfills. We love their supportive sports bras and comfy leggings, which can be mixed or matched to create a stylish set or co-ord.

Shop Girlfriend

boyish- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $8 (face mask) - $338 (trench coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Vintage, Zero-Waste (varies by product)

Boyish is a line of denim focused on quality and timeless, yet distinctly individual, style. This ethos makes them one of the best ethical clothing brands for finding vintage-inspired pieces. Their vegan denim is created with eco-friendly textiles like organic cotton and Tencel which are then dyed and washed using low-impact processes within a closed-loop system to minimize waste. Boyish is a member of 1% For the Planet and also partners with One Tree Planted, planting a tree for every purchase. We love their retro and vintage inspired fits.

Shop Boyish

nu in- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $23.99 (cami top) - 112.99 (teddy jacket)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Recycled, Vegan, Non-Toxic (varies by product)

Nu-In is a sustainable fashion brand committed to doing better for the planet and providing consumers with an alternative to conventional fashion in it’s wasteful forms. They feature ethical clothing with a sleek, slightly preppy aesthetic. Nu-In collections are created from organic cotton or recycled materials, significantly cutting down on waste and allowing already-existing materials to be used again instead of thrown away. We love their ribbed pieces created from recycled textiles.

Shop Nu-In

sezane - 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $25 (scarf) - $405 (coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Non-Toxic, Organic, Vegan (varies by product)

The ‘French It Girl’ label of slow fashion, Sezane is a chic favorite for eco-friendly aficionados. Their choice of responsible materials like FSC-certified viscose, OEKO-TEX-certified silk, and organic cotton make up collections of fashionable tops, denim, accessories, and more. They also offer a program for used items to be returned and either donated or recycled into new garments. Each item from this label is designed with distinct french influences and each is beautiful. However, we particularly love their outerwear, trousers, and shirts.

Shop Sezane

tove- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $77 (underwear) - $1,218 (maxi coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic (varies by product)

Tove is a luxury sustainable fashion brand focused on delivering minimal collections in which the value is found in the high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics and refined detailing. The label’s singular ethos of appreciating natural textiles informs their conscious and thoughtful design techniques. Tove’s production processes and materials are certified by third-parties such as OEKO-TEX and GOTS to ensure the health of the environment and the wearer. We love their dresses and tops, which feature Tove’s signature draping and gathering.

Shop Tove

pact- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $17 (2-pack socks) - $150 (sweater jacket)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Non-Toxic, Organic, Vegan (varies by product)

Pact’s thoughtful approach and simple aesthetic resonate with the ethical, sustainable clothing industry, making them a leader within the space. Pact’s ethos is to pay attention to each detail of production, creating low-impact garments along the way that support workers and are kind on the Earth. Each piece of Fair Trade clothing is created at a certified factory that uses only GOTS certified organic cotton in their designs. We love all their fair trade women’s clothing, but specifically their cozy leggings, tees, and pullovers.

Shop Pact

mara hoffman- 15 Ethical clothing brands

Mara Hoffman

Price:$140 (bikini bottom) - $895 (coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Recycled, Vegan (varies by product)

Mara Hoffman’s modern designs are created to empower and transform through sustainable fashion. Each ethically-sourced clothing piece is created with materials like recycled textiles, Tencel, and hemp; carefully chosen for their eco-friendly qualities. We love their trousers and dresses, which feature distinct, modern silhouettes.

Shop Mara Hoffman

doen- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $21.50 (socks) - $698 (dress)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Recycled, Vegan (varies by product)

Doen offers graceful and ethical women’s clothing designed in Los Angeles with homages to nostalgia. Their eco-friendly clothing is created with GOTS- and OEKO-TEX- certified materials to ensure the health and safety of manufacturers and wearers. Each item is thoughtfully designed with gentle vintage influences. We love their flowy dresses and elegant sleepwear.

Shop Doen

christy dawn- 15 Ethical clothing brands

Christy Dawn

Price: $8 (enamel pin) - $798 (coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Gives Back, Organic (varies by product)

Christy Dawn is a favorite for their offering of sustainable women’s clothing including prairie-inspired dresses and elegant detailing. Their unique farm-to-closet approach begins with sourcing textiles from a regenerative cotton farm in India, and employing artisans to create garments with time-honored techniques. We love their flowy dresses and matching ethical kid’s clothing.

Shop Christy Dawn

hozen- 15 Ethical clothing brands


Price: $30 (scrunchie) - $478 (quilted tote)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Vegan, Non-Toxic, Gives Back

Hozen is a woman-owned label offering vegan, sustainable accessories for conscious people. Their range of small-batch handbags is created from either biodegradable plant-based textiles, or recycled materials. Hozen also donates 10% of profits to Mercy for Animals. We love their bold-colored mini duffle bags and canteen bags.

Shop Hozen

prana - 15 Sustainable Clothing Brands


Price: $10 (headband) - $449 (coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade, Organic, Recycled, Non-Toxic (varies by product)

Prana is a brand that strives to create “clothing for positive change”. In 2010, Prana partnered with Fair Trade USA to create certified ethical clothes. Since then, the company has been able to convert 11 factories to Fair Trade-certified and continues this momentum to support worker’s rights in the apparel industry.

Their commitment to people and the Earth shows through each of their sourcing and manufacturing methods, from working with eco-friendly materials and supporting workers, to mindfully managing chemicals and eliminating plastic packaging. Their practical aesthetic is simple and comfortable, perfect for everyday outfitting.

Shop Prana

summersalt - Sustainable Clothing Brands


Price: $45 (bodysuit) - $185 (wrap coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Non-toxic, Vegan (varies by product)

Summersalt is a swimwear brand focused on making designer quality affordable and accessible. Consequently, they offer a data-backed fit for their garments, meaning they took body measurements from 10,000 people to inform designs.

Their collection of swimsuits are created with recycled materials and the company holds the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production.

While Summersalt is best known for these collection of recycled swimwear, they also offer a signature collection of apparel pieces like sustainable loungewear, activewear, and women’s pyjamas.

Shop Summersalt

cuyana - sustainable Clothing Brands


Price: $25 (tank top) - $595 (leather backpack)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Cruelty-free, Organic, Recycled (varies by product)

Cuyana’s philosophy starts with “fewer, better”. This simple motto lays the groundwork for the brand’s mission of providing high-quality sustainable fashion that reduces the need for excess clothing. Their versatile pieces are designed with integrity towards the maker, Earth, and wearer. This means each piece of production is treated as an opportunity to source eco-friendly materials and support ethical craftspeople in creating garments that maximize wearing time.

Cuyana products hold certifications such as the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA). They are also held accountable by organizations such as the Leather Working Group (LWG) and Bluesign.

Shop Cuyana

kowtow - Sustainable Clothing Brands


Price: $49 (hair tie) - $295 (dress)
Values: Cruelty-free, Ethically Sourced, Organic, Recycled

For Kowtow, slow fashion is not only a guide to be followed, but a priority to be lived. Their clothing collections take 18 months from design to delivery as worker’s rights, grower communities, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes are put front and center of the company’s efforts.

They use a variety of organic, renewable, and biodegradable fibers such as wool, alpaca fleece, cotton that’s been certified ethical by Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO), tencel, and ECONYL nylon. The designs take advantage of details like ruffles, textural knits, and gathered pleats to give the garments unique, elegant silhouettes.

Shop Kowtow

Quince Clothing


Price: $24 (hat) - $80 (jacket)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Recycled, Non-Toxic

Quince exists to challenge the idea that nice products should cost a lot. Their mission is simple and clear; they want to create items of equal or greater than leading luxury brands at much more approachable prices.

With Quince clothing, sustainability is a standard, not a luxury. This brands works hard to use sustainable produced materials when possible, like their organic cotton collections and linen lines. If you're a fan of minimalist wardrobes, you'll definitely find some new favorites with Quince.

Shop Quince

United by Blue

United by Blue

Price: $25 (socks & gloves) - $130 (dress)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Recycled, Non-Toxic, Zero Waste

For every article of clothing purchased, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from waterways and oceans. Their philosophy begins with our oceans and a true commitment to cleaning harmful wastes and toxins. This wonderful brand creates products within GOTS-certified factories from sustainably sourced fabrics and materials.

To help reduce waste, United by Blue designs products that create new ways to generate less waste. They care for our oceans and believe we all should too.

Shop United by Blue

Amour Vert

Amour Vert

Price: $30 (leggings) - $200 (sweater)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Recycled, Non-Toxic

Amour Vert has a labor of (environmental) love that has led to new fabrics and better practices. This sustainable clothing brand is dedicated to eco-conscious initiatives and make sure to address the impact of everything they design before going into production.

Unlike other brands, Amour Vert works directly with mills to develop their own signature line of fabrics that are built to last. To begin, they always start with eco-friendly, ethical, and traceable materials and raw fibers.

Shop Amour Vert



Price: $14 (socks) - $248 (dress)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Recycled, Non-Toxic, Gives Back

Since the very beginning, Outerknown has always been committed to fair labor. This dynamic company is known for their integration of recycled fibers within their clothing designs. They have launched numerous collections that help reduce the impact of hazardous waste.

Outerknown wants to create a future where clothing products contribute to a world where our planet and its people can prosper in unity. They work to inspire the clothing industry and focus on sustainable practices.

Shop Outerknown

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans

Price: $25 (patch) - $200 (jeans)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Recycled

If you're looking for a life-lasting pair of jeans, Nudie Jeans is the perfect place to find them. Their garments are made with 100% organic cotton and crafted to be cherished and well-worn.

Additionally, Nudie Jeans only work with suppliers that share their values. With the Fair Wear Foundation, this sustainable clothing brand ensures ethical and safe working environments across their entire line of production.

Shop Nudie Jeans



Price: $18 (waterbottle) - $300 (coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Recycled

At Tentree, they believe that big changes can start small. This planet-focused clothing brand makes essentials using the best sustainable materials in the world. Did we mention all of their pieces are incredibly comfy too?

To help make big changes accessible to the world, Tentree plants 10 trees for every purchase. How amazing is that? All of their clothing is made with the smallest environmental footprint alongside ethical factories.

Shop Tentree



Price: $16 (socks) - $120 (shirt)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic

Kotn is on a mission to create better clothing that are better for the planet and for the people. Their products are made with honest values, a positive impact, and timeless designs.

One way to shop sustainably is by buying less and opting for pieces that are made with long-lasting fibers. In other words, prioritizing sustainable clothing brands. Alongside Kotn's missions, they create garments that will biodegrade at the end of their cycles. They also actively give back to local schools and communities.

Shop Kotn

Organic Basics

Organic Basics

Price: $45 (bra) - $135 (shirt)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Gives Back

Organic Basics puts sustainability at the forefront of all their projects. They only choose fabrics that are kind to our environment and only work with partners that share their same eco-friendly values.

What is their number one rule? It's simple. To design everything to last. To make that happen, Organic Basics invests in high quality fabrics with functionality in mind. Additionally, this lovely sustainable clothing brand also supports grass root activists and organizations that shed light upon the planet's environmental issues.

Shop Organic Basics



Price: $16 (scrunchie) - $270 (dress)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Recycled

Refining your wardrobe with sustainable pieces just got easier with Encircled. This clothing brand creates versatile designs that are sewn to last. Their forever pieces derive from natural fabrics, free from harmful substances and pesticides.

Encircled wants to provide comfy clothing that enhances everyday life. They also want to protect the environment too. Therefore, they do not use any synthetic fabrics to help keep our waterways clean and fresh.

Shop Encircled



Price: $15 (wallet) - $180 (coat)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Recycled, Gives Back

Another amazing sustainable clothing brand is Afends, a company that strives towards innovation and positive change. All their garments are crafted with 100% sustainable fibers. All the way from the design process to creation.

This eco-friendly brand has created several projects to help reduce consumption, such as their plastic-free agenda, as well as their line of hemp clothing. Furthermore, they want to cultivate change for future of fashion that focuses on ethical practices.

Shop Afends

People Tree

People Tree

Price: $36 (underwear) - $210 (dress)
Values: Ethically Sourced, Organic, Non-Toxic, Recycled, Gives Back

As a pioneer in sustainable fashion, People Tree has always offered products that are made with the highest and environmental standards. From start to finish you will find gorgeous pieces that are carefully sewn withresponsible fabrics.

People Tree was the first sustainable brand to be awarded with the World Fair Trade Organization product label. This certification proudly guarantees that this fashion brand applies the best principles of fair trade and working conditions.

Shop People Tree

Sustainable Clothing Q & A

What is sustainable clothing?

Sustainable clothing is fashion made with environmental and social responsibility. The Environmental Protection Agency defines sustainable manufacturing as “the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources”.

What are the most sustainable fabrics?

Sustainable fabrics are textiles that have been grown, processed, and utilized in a way that conserves natural resources and minimizes negative environmental and social impacts.

Is sustainable clothing good?

Yes, sustainable clothing is good for both manufacturer and consumer. On the business end, conserving resources increases efficiency by reducing costs and waste, while fair practices build brand reputation and trust. For consumers, sustainable clothing is inherently safer and higher quality as it meets strict regulations and certifications for chemical control. And despite some opinions, the most sustainable clothing brands are available at all price points, and cheap, ethical clothing does exist.

How do you know if clothes are sustainable?

The simplest way to know if clothes are sustainable is by looking for labels like Fair Trade Certified, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), and OEKO-TEX. These labels mean the product has gone through strict regulations for environmental, worker, and user safety. It may take a little research into their site to know where the brand stands on sustainability. However, if it’s too difficult to find any information about their practices, this can be a sign they aren’t a sustainable company. Luckily, many brands are waking up to the fact that consumers want transparency, and provide a dedicated space on their site to inform you on what their processes involve.

Discover the best sustainable clothing brands with our vetted and curated list of GoodStuff approved stores and labels.

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