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15 of the Best Vegan Shoes for Women

Start treating sustainability like the default with our curated collection of vegan shoes for women. Find sustainable alternatives to your favorite footwear and discover that the more eco-friendly a shoe, the better. The vegan shoe brands featured here have worked to improve the modern shoe with innovative materials such as vegan apple leather, organic cotton canvas, and recycled plastic. There’s lots to explore in the world of vegan shoes for women, so we’ve broken it down for you.

Everyday Vegan Shoes for Versatility

For a truly versatile shoe, look no further than the sneaker. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion and can carry us from spring to fall. But too often, we hear of the sneaker industry being rife with sweatshops and unethical manufacturing, irresponsible sourcing and unsustainable practices. The sneakers we featured here are anything but. Discover Saola’s innovative vegan running shoe made from natural cork, algae, and recycled materials. Or, check the fan-favorite Veja for a classic sneaker made with high quality organic cotton-canvas and ethically-sourced wild rubber.

Light and airy vegan sandals: the perfect summer shoes. We’ve picked the best sandals that will take you from morning to night with style, comfort, and support. Check out Marais’ rosy mule for a fresh step. Or, try Melissa’s sleek vegan sandals for a classic Birkenstock-inspired look.

Stylish and Dressy Vegan Shoes

For those days when you feel like dressing up, we’ve collected stylish, colorful, and (of course) eco-friendly vegan heels for your consideration. Find Sylven’s vegan apple-leather heels for a modern twist on a classic heeled boot. Check out Beyond Skin’s vintage-inspired shoe for something striking, or Cult of Coquette’s velvet pump for something classic and iconic.

Durable Vegan Alternatives

Because boots are some of the most durable shoes, they tend to be made of animal products, plastic, and unethically sourced textiles. The boots we feature here are changing that standard. Brands use ethically sourced materials like natural rubber, cork insoles, and faux leathers made from vegetable fibers to create their designs. These materials keep vegan boots waterproof and resilient, while remaining sustainable and thoughtful to the planet.

And there’s still more to discover! Peruse the choices below and rest assured that each is eco-friendly, ethical, responsibly-made, and worthy of being added to your closet. To complete your cruelty-free wardrobe, check out our collection of vegan bags.

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