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14 Natural Mascaras From Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

There are a lot of reasons to choose natural mascaras over any other type. Unlike conventional products (looking at you, drugstore mascara), natural mascaras are suitable for everyone that is interested in adding a little edge to their eyelashes. Sensitive eyes? We’ve picked out gentle formulas just for you. Worried about animal-derived ingredients? Vegan mascaras are right this way. Looking for something uniquely eco-friendly? We feature refillable mascaras and tubes created from recycled materials for maximum sustainability. How about all of the above? We’ve got that as well. You won’t have to compromise here, because these choices from our favorite cruelty-free makeup brands are here to help.

Organic Makeup 

Organic mascara can sometimes ensure products have a gentle, plant-based formula. Unfortunately, a product that advertises as organic can still have the ingredients you’re trying to avoid as many chemicals qualify as natural and organic too. We’ve gone through the ingredient lists to make sure they meet the standards important to us; those of non-toxic and eco-friendly practices. The Organic Skin Co’s vegan mascara features a natural formula with 72.9% organic ingredients. Ilia mascara offers an organic shea butter formula that works to condition lashes while providing definition. Zao Organics’ Mascara utilizes aloe vera in their refillable mascara tube. This makes it simple to cut down on needless waste. Interested in more refillable makeup? Kajer Weis also offers a unique refillable mascara that features organic ingredients in a nourishing base of marula and sunflower seed oil.

Vegan Mascaras

For a truly cruelty-free mascara, vegan formulas are the ones to look for. This is because if a product is tagged as vegan, it means there were zero animal-derived ingredients used in its making. If you value vegan makeup, there are plenty of organic choices for you, and we’ve featured the best. For instance, we love 100 Percent Pure’s Maracuja Mascara for its vegan fruit-pigmented formula complete with organic aloe vera. Secondly, Pyt creates a vegan mascara with an innovative tube sourced from recycled materials. Third, Sappho offers a vegan formula that’s buildable but gentle enough to be washed off with water. We appreciate their verified ethically-sourced ingredients and inclusion of plant-based waxes to create a maximum-impact mascara.

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