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13 Natural Eyeshadows for a Polished Look

Natural eyeshadows ensure that you can play with makeup without feeling concerned about the ingredients. It’s a perfect choice for sensitive skin, or any skin really; after all, eyeshadow is one of the cosmetics that’s applied closest to your eyes, so we want to be sure there’s no toxins around. Natural eyeshadow doesn’t mean you need to skimp on color choices or quality, either. In fact, product quality only rises when brands are interested in ethical, eco-friendly ingredients and processes. So whether you’re going for a natural smokey eye (like Lily Lolo’s smoky eye shadow palette) or looking for a cool-toned palette, there are plenty of perfect choices within the world of clean beauty.

Talc-Free Eyeshadow

Talc is one of the most important ingredients to avoid in eyeshadow formulas. Talc has a high contamination rate with asbestos fibers, which causes it to be toxic when inhaled. Asbestos is a mineral you usually find in close proximity to talc. Even without this contamination, though, talc is still a toxic risk on its own. The eyeshadows featured here are all talc-free and vetted for non-toxicity, so you can be sure you’re avoiding the right ingredients.

Refillable Eyeshadow Palettes

These unique palettes offer a low-waste approach to beauty. Ere Perez’s eyeshadow palette features a magnetic case so you can easily slip new pans into the compact when you need to replace one. Organic Skin Co offers single eyeshadows so you can mix and match the colors you’d like and refill by popping out the single cakes when you’re finished. Similarly, Kjaer Weis’ eyeshadow features  single eyeshadows, but in different packaging options so you can choose how to limit waste. We’ve featured their striking red packaging that doesn’t sacrifice form for function – or sustainability. It’s one hundred percent recyclable and compostable at the end of it’s long lifespan.

We think makeup should be fun, not leave you feeling concerned or stressed over the ingredients. That’s why we curated collections of clean beauty that’s suitable for sensitive skin and is easy on the planet. Peruse our Clean Beauty space to discover your new favorites. Looking for something particular? Check our organic and natural foundation collection for a perfect match and a beautiful base. Or, try our natural lip color collection for a range of innovative and eco-friendly products.

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