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12 Kids Bedding Sets For Tired Tots

Kids bedding sets are important for their ability to create a welcoming, cozy sleeping environment for kids. Sometimes just a fun, expressive print can be enough to brighten a child’s morning and set a tone for the day ahead. Organic kids bedding is a great option, as their manufacturing is inherently high-quality and chemical-free. In addition to the oh-so-versatile organic cotton, we feature different organic textiles like bamboo lyocell sheets and linen bedding, which we like to bring to your attention for their unique features and innovation.

Girl’s and Boy’s Bedding Sets

Girl’s bedding sets and boy’s bedding sets don’t have to be dual opposites. Nor does one have to be exclusively offered to one child and not the other. We try to deconstruct these beliefs by simply letting kids be kids and choosing something that makes them happy. Any child can enjoy our top choices for kids bedding sets.

For a bright print suitable for a bold personality, try Mini Rodini’s Zebra set, featuring organic kid’s sheets crafted from GOTS-certified cotton. Also, this set is part of the brand’s living wage project, meaning that instead of paying minimum wages, Mini Rodini sets the pay high enough for workers to maintain a normal standard of living. Looking for another bold print? Try Jungalow’s Aja sheet set. This high-quality children’s bedding features a fun, cartoonish design that’s an homage to the rainforest in all it’s natural splendor.

For a print that’s a little more understated, but still full of personality, try West Elm’s Bunny sheet set. In addition, this set is part of West Elm’s Better Cotton initiative, which educates and supports farmers in growing more environmentally sustainable cotton crops. Or, try Coyuchi’s flannel sheets to transform cold nights into cozy ones. Further, this ultra-soft brushed flannel holds GOTS and Made Safe certifications. These distinctions make it a high-quality choice for organic cotton kid’s sheets.

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