12 Best Vegan Lotions for Hydrated Skin

Hydrating our skin is an underrated step in many routines. We line our bathroom counters with serums, toners, and moisturizers for the face, but what about for the rest of our bodies? After all, skin is the largest organ and it’s important we realize the best ways to take care of it. We’ve gathered together the top picks in vegan lotions for all skin types, including more sensitive skin. We chose each for it’s clean ingredients, cruelty-free practices, and ethical sourcing.

While dry skin can be more obvious in winter, skin needs a moisturizer no matter the season. During hot summer months our skin may feel sweaty, but underneath it’s parched and in need of one of the best vegan moisturizers for dry skin.

Zero-Waste Vegan Lotion Options

There are some amazing lotion options that support zero-waste living. Ethique offers one of the best vegan lotions in solid form. We’ve chosen their cocoa butter lotion bar formula that features a fresh orange and vanilla scent. It’s equal to two bottles of lotion, except without the excess packaging. Or, Ren Skincare’s cruelty-free body lotion is housed in a bottle made from recycled ocean plastic and it’s able to be recycled again after it’s empty. For a great natural hand lotion specifically, try B Kind’s Nourishing hand balm with coconut oil. They also use ocean-bound plastic to create the fully recyclable tube. And less waste means all the more sustainable.

If you’re looking for a lotion featuring organic ingredients, check out Organic Bath Co. Their simple formula is one of the best vegan body lotions. It employs argan oil’s well-known moisturizing properties to create a rich and potent cream.

Looking for more vegan bath and body products? Check out our collection of natural sunscreen or vegan shampoos to complement your non-toxic routine.

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