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11 Eco-Friendly Water Bottles to Reduce Plastic Use

These companies understand that many of our daily choices hinge on convenience. So, to make someone’s habits more sustainable, they’ll need to make it more convenient to do so. Choosing to buy disposable plastic water bottles is no different. We only do it because it’s easy. But now, it’s time to change. With an eco-friendly water bottle, it’s simple to choose the sustainable option. Also, you’ll no longer need to rely on single-use plastic. With eco-friendly habits, small decisions add up. We can all do our part to reduce plastic use, and finding a reusable water bottle that suits you is a great place to start.

Stay Hydrated With High-Quality Options

You don’t need to sacrifice style or aesthetic if you want to go green. Gone are the days where the sole option for a water bottle was a bulky stainless steel flask. Although these are still great if you like the option of a hardy steel bottle. They tend to be the best hiking water bottles, for instance, and many – including us – have been known to take them on the trail. For an alternative though, discover elegant options like a glass water bottle with a bamboo lid, silicone water bottle sleeves, an updated steel drinking carafe, and more.

Water Bottle Brands That Give Back

Support water bottle companies that give back to make your purchase go even further. The stylish and design-award-winning Memobottle partners with to provide someone with clean drinking water for two months for each bottle sold. The Que bottle, with its innovative ceramic interior, donates ten percent of profits to the Rainforest Trust to aid in their work of acquiring and protecting the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. A purchase of Yuhme’s water bottle, created from sugarcane bioplastic, provides at least three months of clean water through their collaboration with Water for Good.

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