10 Vegan Shoes Brands for Men

March 24, 2021 1:50 pm

When picking out your next pair of shoes, you want them to fit your style. You need them to feel great on your feet as you’re out and about or lounging around.

And by paying attention to the brand you select, your shoes can also support the environment.

As the name suggests, vegan shoe brands are made without any animal by-products or materials. Instead of leather, wool or other animal products, vegan shoes are made of synthetic fabrics that don’t involve animal resources. With vegan shoe brands, you don’t have to choose between great style and environmental sustainability.

With so many shoe brands out there, you may be wondering where you can start your search for that next great pair of footwear. To help, here we share 10 of the best shoe brands for men.

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    1. Fellow Boot, ESPRESSO from Brave Gentleman

    Price: $310
    Made in Brazil

    For a sleek and smooth boot option, this Italian-style boot will keep you at the height of fashion while helping the environment.

    With the roots of its creation in Brazil, these Fellow Boots from Brave Gentleman are 100% vegan and made of high tech material and certified by the European Union’s Eco-Label. It’s solid and supportive sole makes it a great choice for both comfort and style. The exterior laces give the appearance of a sophisticated look while keeping its ease of use with interior zippers so you don’t need to struggle when you slip them on and off.

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    2. Marshall from Ahimsa

    Price: R $249
    Made in Brazil

    For a high boot that’s an easy on-and-off, these Marshall boots from Ahimsa are a great option for vegan footwear.

    Designed for maximum comfort, these boots are made with Vibram technology that allows each step you take in them to be both supported and light. Don’t get weighed down by heavy material but enjoy the freedom of vegan leather or canvas material. With a focus on sustainability, these
    handmade shoes can be a great option for a stylish and environmentally-conscious footwear choice.

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    3. BENITO Natural Blue from the Canoe Shoe

    Price: $104.97
    Made in Mexico

    These bold and summery slip-on shoes are as natural and supportive as the vegetable leather they’re made of.

    These Benito Natural Blue shoes from The Canoe Shoe are made of vegetable-tanned leather that is both breathable and comfortable. Made with a natural crepe sole, the shoe will gradually form to your feet, providing maximum durability and comfort designed just for you. This style of shoe also comes in a variety of colors to best match your personality. The timeless style that blends the modern designs of both English and Mexican influences. With a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, each shoe purchase comes with its unique information of where the shoes were crafted and who was involved.

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    4. Weekend Sneaker from Brave Gentleman

    Price: $260
    Made in Brazil

    When the workweek is done, you want a pair of shoes you can relax and enjoy the day with. These Weekend Sneakers from Brave Gentleman can keep you comfortable and stylish for days.

    These casual shoes that can be dressed up or down are made of Eco-Label certified PU and 100% vegan. Committed to sustainability, these shoes utilize environmentally-friendly materials to produce great products. They also emphasize fair labor practices that support both the customer and crafter.

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    5. Nautico Enzimatico Gris

    Price: $53
    Made in Spain

    For maximum comfort that’s also great for the environment around you, these gray patterned Nautico Enzimatico shoes from Avesu can be a great way to go.

    For casual shoe while you’re out and about, these boat shoes from Avesu are lightweight and provide support and comfort while you walk. Made with natural cotton and rubber, the fabric covering and supportive insole can help keep you going. The light materials and color can be a great choice for your all-around summer shoes

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    6. The Ramos Jamal 2

    Price: $85

    For a sneaker that is as slick as it is comfortable, these Ramos Jamal 2 sneakers from keep are a great option for a canvas shoe that supports while keeps you styling.

    Black shoes are a great and versatile option that these sneakers are perfect for. Made with a cotton canvas body with a vegan nubuck accent, wearing these are both environmentally-friendly and highly stylish. Your feet will also be comfortably supported with a sole cup with a custom grass tread design that keeps you moving. The high angle and foot body of these midtops also keeps your feet protected as you walk and work. Dedicated to keeping their style of shoes, apparel and more personal and detailed, these shoes are a great fit for either work or play.

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    8. Wave Red from Ahimsa

    Price: $98
    Made in Brazil

    For a pop of color as you’re out and about, these Ahimsa Wave Red sneakers combine fashion with sustainable practices to create a shoe that’s comfortable and stylish.

    These bold and versatile sneakers are made with a cotton body, rubber outsole and a natural latex and cork insole that can be removed, changed out or combined to wear together. So no matter what kind of walking or activity you’re doing, you can do so with ultimate comfort. The sustainable materials used in the creation of these shoes make them a great vegan shoe choice that also incorporates fair working conditions for the crafters.

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    9. Hand Sewn Mule Leather Slippers from FEIT

    Price: $270

    For a sleek and smooth shoe that is as unique as you, these Hand Sewn Mule Leather Slippers are designed for comfort without compromising on the environment’s precious resources.

    Crafted by FEIT, these Hand Sewn Mule Leather Slippers are made of vegetable-tanned leather material and other natural materials that don’t harm your feet or the environment. You can wear these shoes barefoot as the natural material doesn’t retain sweat or odor, keep your feet and shoes smelling and staying strong. The construction of the shoe utilizes detailed technology and shoe craftsmanship practices for its intentional design, which they term Goodyear construction.

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    10. Keith Indigo Velcro Low Top Sneakers from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

    Made in Portugal

    With maximum comfort and support, these Keith Indigo Velcro Low Top Sneakers are designed with sustainable material that may just be better than regular leather.

    Designed and crafted by Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, these blue suede shoes are made from vegan materials. They incorporate a vegan suede body with velcro for the straps. They also utilize a brown rubber sole and a removable insole without lining so you can wear your shoes how you want.

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