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10 Best Non-Toxic Mattress Choices

The fact that we spend a third our lives sleeping is common knowledge, so why do many people still not choose the best mattress to sleep on? Consumers choose and keep too many mattresses for the sole aspect of convenience. Or because we just don’t know where to start. If you find yourself wondering about the state of your own bedding, read on to find non-toxic mattresses that are sure to be better for your health, your sleep, and the planet.

GreenGuard Certifications

Some household goods contain harsh chemicals that release toxins and reduce your indoor air quality.  As a result, this certification exists to help buyers identify products that meet the highest standards for chemical emissions. GreenGuard helps you find alternative products that meet regulations to not pollute your environment. Therefore with this label, you can find the best non-toxic mattresses. Ones that are created safely, sustainably, and with no added chemicals. In addition, a natural latex mattress with a GreenGuard Gold certification goes a step further. It ensures the safety of sensitive individuals, such as children and the elderly.

GOTS Certifications for Natural Materials

The best organic mattresses are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. They make sure organic textiles are non-toxic and sourced with responsibility for the environment. Most products in this collection that are tagged with organic – including Plush, Birch, and Omi – possess this certification for their organic cotton and wool covers. These choices of fabric are durable, cooling, and beautiful; great elements for any bed.

We love Awara as they feature Rainforest Alliance-certified latex along with organic cotton and wool to create a truly sustainably-sourced product. Looking for vegan choices? No problem. Avocado utilizes an organic latex mattress design in a biodegradable, all-foam style. This means no wool or animal products, but all the comfort.

Looking to complete your bedroom setup now that you’ve found the perfect non-toxic mattress? Then check our curation of sustainable bedding for our favorite sheet sets, or try our collection of cotton blankets for a cozy addition.

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